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Melania Trump Wears Ralph Lauren and Snakeskin Stilettos to Hurricane Damaged Houston

Melania Trump departed the White House this morning to join President Trump to visit victims of hurricane Harvey in Houston, Texas, and Louisiana. The First Lady wore a familiar piece, a Ralph Lauren collection safari-inspired shirt dress, punctuated by yet another pair of sky-high Manolo Blahnik snakeskin stilettos. Trump first donned the Ralph Lauren dress while in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for her first international trip as First Lady. While Trump cinched the dress with a wide leather belt the first time around, she kept things a bit less rigid for today’s trip.

This latest look comes on the heels—no pun intended—of the criticism Trump faced for wearing a black version of the same shoe to board Air Force One for her first visit to the disaster area.

As the First Lady arrived at Ellington Field in Houston, Texas, she changed into a look she tested earlier this week: a button-down, colored jeans, and sneakers. Trump opted for a chambray button down, which was a softer choice than the crisp white shirt from Tuesday. Similarly, today’s jeans were given a hint of color in emerald green, matching the First Lady’s latest dad hat. Trump’s hat earlier this week stated her official role, FLOTUS, while today’s green cap identified the location of the trip, Texas.

But the biggest surprise (or not) was the swap in footwear — earlier this week, Trump stepped into black and white adidas Stan Smith sneakers, while today, she opted for Converse Chuck Low Tops. It seems as if she once again swapped out her haute Saturday gear, stilettos included.

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