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The Perfect Beach-to-Bar Look

The perfect beach-to-bar look is one made up entirely of easy-to-pack pieces that are small enough to tuck into your beach bag for later to be pulled on over a sandy bathing suit. It's less casual than your regular cover-up and rubber flip flops, but rejects the idea of trying too hard. Here, the outfit and makeup to have on hand next time you want a post-surf cocktail.

1 Top

Cooler than a basic white tee, this knotted tank is made with performance fabric that combats humid beach days

2 Skirt

A silky mini keeps legs bare and breezy and takes up approximately zero space in your beach bag.

3 Spritz

Spritz skin with a refreshing mix of coconut water, hibiscus petals, and rose for a quick hit of moisture (and a scent that can double as a light perfume).

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