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Ivanka Trump Launches New Lingerie Line

Amid concerns that the Trump family is mixing business with politics, Ivanka Trump’s company has secured initial trademark approval for a new lingerie line, Bloomberg reports.

The trademark is one of three OK’d since Election Day; the others were for Ivanka-branded loungewear and workout clothes, according to Bloomberg.

Trump’s fashion label already boasts shoes, jewelry, active wear and handbags bearing her name. Recent credits also include new Ivanka Trump spas at her dad’s hotels in Vancouver and Washington, which offer treatments like a $610 couples massage with “the benefits of rest and relaxation.”

Trump isn’t currently involved with the spas, a spokesperson told Bloomberg. She also made superficial efforts to distance herself from her brand before taking up a role as an unpaid White House employee this spring, like separating her personal social media handle from her brand’s accounts and banning the brand from using her likeness in promotions. Even so, ethics experts warn her brand’s endeavors could violate conflict of interest laws.

Throwing more branded apparel into the mix would only put Trump at greater risk for legal repercussions, Jordan Libowitz, a spokesperson for Washington nonprofit Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics, told HuffPost.

“The clear thing she should do is remove all conflict from her portfolio, either by getting out of the clothing business or not working on anything that could affect [her government office],” he said. “Usually people make a choice between government work and private business, and there’s a reason for that.”

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